Funding for Humanitarian Innovation

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Humanitarian Response Network of Canada

Funding for Humanitarian Innovation

Here are some resources and information on how your innovative and lifesaving humanitarian ideas can become reality:

  1. Watch the recording of the webinar on Funding for Humanitarian Innovation with GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund, The Humanitarian Innovation Fund by ELRHA, and the Humanitarian Grand Cahllenge here:
  2. Get more information by visiting their websites: & &
  3. Apply for funding! Deadlines are:
    1. June 7th - GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund:
    2. July 16th - Humanitarian Grand Challenge:
    3. Opening May 23rd - ELRHA Humanitarian Innovation Fund:

Not enough innovation for you? There's more! The Inter-Council Network is launching their Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) on May 28th with their own webinar in EN and FR. Register here: