Nepal Earthquakes Factsheet

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CARE Canada

This fantastic factsheet from CARE International highlights CARE's response in Nepal and provides an informed overview of the current situation.

- Over 8,500 people killed

- Over 17,000 people injured

- Over 700,000 homes destroyed or damaged or the equivalent to the entire city of Las Vegas being made homeless!

Women and children have been the most impacted by the earthquake. Many women in the rural areas no longer have access to healthcare with health centres and access roads destroyed. An estimated 126,000 pregnant women affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal are in urgent need of health services and an additional 14,000 women are expected to give birth in Nepal in the next month.

The coming monsoon season is also putting additional pressure on the urgent need to provide assistance to the victims of the earthquakes. It is now a race against time to provide shelter, food and sanitation services.

In response to the two earthquakes that hit Nepal on 25 April and 12 May, CARE has reached over 23,000 people with food, emergency shelter and hygiene items. CARE is distributing reproductive health kits that include safe birthing kits, essential medicines and supplies for birthing attendants. Overall, CARE plans to reach a total of 100,000 of the most vulnerable people, in some of the remotest areas of Nepal, who remain blocked off from aid.

CARE has launched an appeal of $40 million to provide emergency relief and long-term recovery. It takes $250 to provide a month's worth of food for a family and $220 to provide a family with emergency shelter.